Thursday, 7 April 2011

Counting down...

I'm now due in less than a month.  This means that every time I go in public, random strangers ask how much longer I have left to go.  I'm huge and I'm pretty sure I waddle instead of walk.  Most of all, though, I'm getting really impatient to meet this little boy.

We've been getting things ready for him to be born.  I know I've posted a few baby sewing projects on here before, and here are two more things that I customized for him.

Anya (our two-year-old) loves the band They Might Be Giants.  She's particularly obsessed with the song "Robot Parade" (click here to listen to it).  She requested that I make "robot parade" baby clothes, so that's what I added to this little sleepsuit.  (The pictures aren't brilliant on these because Anya kept trying to grab the clothes and sing and dance with them.)

Both of the girls are really excited to have a baby brother, so I made this vest/onesie with a simple "Baby Brother" slogan.  Miriam was particularly excited as she's learning to read and could figure out what it said on her own. 

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