Wednesday, 1 August 2012


I'm hooked on the Food Network.  I think it's pretty obvious on this blog that I love food, and it's pretty common for Jared and I to put on the Food Network in the evening while working or relaxing.  So I was more than a little star struck when I had the opportunity to see Food Network star Alton Brown (Thanks mom!).

Alton spoke at the historic Tennessee Theater at the beginning of the 2012 International Biscuit Festival.  If you think listening to a Food Network star talk (not cook, not eat, just talk) for an evening sounds boring, think again.  Mr. Brown was witty, funny, entertaining, and the perfect amount of Southern.  I was thoroughly entertained and left wanting to divert my career into food writing (at least partially so that I could really be left on a first name version with Alton rather than just feeling like I know him).

The view from the first row of the balcony was fantastic, so I'm afraid that these video clips (taken on my phone) don't do it justice, but I wanted to share a few minutes from the night.

Video Clip #1 (of Alton Brown in Knoxville, TN at the Biscuit Festival)

Video Clip #2 (of Alton Brown in Knoxville, TN at the Biscuit Festival)

Click here to find out more about my evening with Alton Brown or Click here to visit Alton's official website.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Fantastic Facebook Photography Contest

Sorry...I just fizzled out on the alliteration for the title.  This is why I'm not good at writing picture books.  My lame post title aside, this really is a great contest.

It's hosted by the company PhotoBarn.  They specialize in touching up your pictures and then printing them on wood boards and blocks.  I've been working there for about six months now, and it's a cool product so I thought I'd share this chance to win one for free!

Working at PhotoBarn is one of the reasons I disappeared from the blogosphere for awhile (as in the better part of a year).  We moved!  Moving from England to the US was a huge job and has been a big transition, and it has brought about a lot of work changes.  I simply haven't had time to post lately.  However, I miss it and promise not to disappear for so long again.

In the meantime, you're all lovely and good luck winning a PhotoBoard!