Monday, 10 May 2010

Furzey Gardens

Over the weekend we enjoyed a fantastic family day out at Furzey Gardens in the New Forest. It's a beautiful garden with breathtaking azaleas, wildlife, thatching projects, an art gallery, and a lake with lily pads. Goregous and very peaceful. What we really loved about Furzey, though, was that Furzey is a fairy land. That's right: fairies. All over the garden there's evidence of fairies: tiny doors in the sides of trees, miniature boats and bridges, fairy sized notic boards, etc.

The girls LOVED finding where all of the fairies live (and even got to see one up in the trees! They stayed very still and quiet so they wouldn't scare her off.). It was really exciting to go around Furzey Gardens finding all the secret little fairy spots. (Jared was by far the best at spotting them.) Miriam and Anya tried knocking at the doors, but most of the fairies were a bit shy. It was a lot of fun and Furzey really made a great family day out.

To see more pictures from Furzey Gardens, click here.


  1. Hi,
    I love the photos. I've never heard of Furzey Gardens, but now I want to go see for myself.

    The colour scheme of this blog is gorgeous.


  2. I'm thrilled to be able to announce that this autumn I'm going to be teaching some creative writing classes at the beautiful Furzey Gardens. If you're in the New Forest area/Hampshire, please support this great venue (all of their proceeds go to charity as well). Please either contact me or Furzey Gardens if you're interested.