Monday, 26 April 2010

Another Chance to Win Photography

Here's another chance to win some artwork by up-and-coming photographer Christine Armbruster. Visit her site for a chance to win.

Fingers crossed that I'll win this time. It's my birthday this week & the beautiful girl in the green photo is, in fact, my little sister! So maybe this time I'll win. Here's hoping. Good luck to anybody else who enters too....but not too much good luck, because I want one of these pictures.


  1. Thanks! I hope you win. That would be fantastic. Cross your fingers.
    Also, thanks for your words on your favorite place. I will actually be in Vienna end of May/beginning of June and I will have to go there for sure! I will need all the suggestions I can get, I have about 4 days to see the city.

  2. Despite crossed fingers, I didn't win :(

  3. If anyone happens to visit this post after the end of the listed competition, check out Christine's website to enter the new one.

    Once again, fingers (and toes) crossed.