Saturday, 9 January 2010


So the bad news is, the first competition was kind of a dud. I know people are reading this little blogging expedition of mine, because I can look at how many page views I'm getting, but apparently nobody wants to participate. There was no winner for the first Hidden Domestic Competition (The Scrapbooking Challenge). Sadly, I didn't receive any entries for the scrapbooking competition. Not a single one.

The good news is, I got to keep the prize. It was a very cute set of wooden mini alphabet stamps and a stamp pad. They are absolutely adorable and we used them to print on gift tags for Christmas presents.

I'm not giving up on everybody yet though. So here's the new competition. Enter it. Tell your friends and family to enter it.

The Hidden Domestic Easter Competition

Entries will be accepted from now until Thursday the 1st of April, 2010. The winner will be announced by the 10th of April.

There will be a prize. It will not be a cash prize, but something fantastic and domesticy. Also, the winners and runners-up will--with permission--be published on the website.

I want your best Easter recipes. Please include pictures if you can, because presentation will be taken into account if applicable. There are a few catches: it must be a vegetarian recipe (because I'm vegetarian and want to be able to judge fairly by trying them out if needs be), and you must explain why it's an Easter recipe. Sweet or savoury is fine.

Entries should be emailed to with "Hidden Domestic Easter Competition" in the subject line.

Good luck to everybody and I look forward to your recipes.

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