Friday, 15 January 2010

Baking Biscotti

In case you haven't noticed, I love food. This little blog of mine tries to share my love of food with some recipes, pictures, and other musings. I am just an enthusiastic amateur. If you want a real food connoisseur, visit the website Cannelle et Vanille. It is my absolute favourite blog. The recipes are amazing, and the food styling and photography is absolutely stunning. I also love the small personal revelations and mentions of family. This blog is everything that I aspire to when I blog about food.

So when my husband felt like baking recently (I have to admit that he is the better baker in our kitchen), I suggested one of the recipes from Cannille et Vanille: Double Chocolate and Crystallized Ginger Biscotti. To visit the post with the recipe, click here. We had never tried baking biscotti before, and overall I was very pleased iwth the result. It was the perfect texture and looked great.

if you try it, I would recommend a few variations on the recipe though. We baked it exactly as the recipe instructed, and although the texture was perfect and they looked great, the taste could be perfected a bit more. The orange peel was overpowering, and the ginger taste became lost in the other strong flavours. If I were to make it again, I would halve the amount of orange zest, and double the amount of crystallized ginger.

I haven't bothered adding many photos this time around because Aran's photography is just so stunning that there' no way I could compete with her beautiful images. Just visit her website for yourself.

Home-made biscotti is a great sophisticated treat for a cold winter's day. The gingery, chocolatey, orangey aroma will fill your home, and make everything seem warm and delicious. They taste best when served with a hot drink.

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