Monday, 14 September 2009

Recovery Milkshake

Other than eating the sugar from our Feel Better Cakes, my poor daughter (the one with swine flu) hasn't been very interested in food. So when she walked into her bedroom, put on one pink polka dotted sock and one blue stripey sock, and announced that she was getting dressed so that we could go buy milkshakes, I was more than happy to make her a milkshake. She helped me to make it, so the ingredients are a combination of what she asked for and what I snuck in to add some more nutritional value.

Recovery Milkshake

about 6 scoops vanilla ice cream
sprinkling of fortified chocolate milk powder
milk--enough to be able to blend it up
1 heaped spoonful of smooth peanut butter
1 heaped spoonful of nutella
1 heaped spoonful marshmallow fluff
1/2 block tofu (silk or smooth texture works the best)
2 bananas

Blend it all up until smooth. We served with whipped cream and sprinkles on top. My daughter looked at it and said, "That chocolate drink is beautiful!".

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  1. agreed. that chocolate drink IS is the pink starry backdrop!!! (wonder where that came from...haha)