Friday, 11 March 2011

More Baby Sewing Projects

In my last post I showed you the baby quilt that I recently made.  Here are some more little baby sewing projects that I've been working on.  Although I don't sew very often, I've been enjoying spending quiet time each evening to work on a little project.  I'm also excited for my baby boy to have some customized clothing.  After having two girls, a lot of the clothes we have for him are plain white things that were unisex and could be handed down (especially for vests/onesies).  So it's been kind of fun to make them more boyish and add designs to them.

All of these are little hand-sewn things that I did using hand-me-down white vests and scraps of material/ribbon/thread that we happened to have.  I didn't use any designs or anything, so they are a bit wonky in places and my stitching's not always even.  I like the end results though and love that he'll have some clothes made (or at least decorated) specifially for him.

In addition to preparing for this new arrival, I've been busy with the girls and lots of writing.  I've been able to review and write about several baby products lately, like these organic clothes companies.

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