Sunday, 8 August 2010

Looking forward to something special...

A year or so ago, I met a lovely couple through Freecycle.  Recently they found some bog oak when doing some landscaping.  They remembered that my husband is a woodcarver, and kindly offered it to him.  (If you read this, Thank You!)

Bogwood is normally found in Ireland, and it's a rare treasure to find some here.  If you're not familiar with bog oak, the term basically refers to oak trees have been preserved under water and eventually under peat and other wet soil.  It is common for pieces of bog oak to be 3,000 or more years old.  To find out more about bog oak, click here.  Bog oak is very unique and beautiful.

My husband still needs to assess how much of the wood is usable (there are some rotten sections), but there should be some great pieces of bog oak for him to carve and sculpt with.  Looking at these fantastic pieces of wood, I know that the result is going to be something spectacular.  So here's looking forward to something special. 

To see some examples of bog oak sculpture that I really like, click here.

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  1. I love old wood! I've never head of bog oak before. I'll bet your husband will turn this piece into something really special and can't wait for you to share what it is.